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Buzios-Total was developed by the division of technology of our company of tourism Latam Travels. Latam Travels is a Tourism Company that operates to regional level in Latin America . (EVT N º 11465). Our company of tourism is born in the year 2000 when, we develop our first Buzios-Total web site (www.buzios-total.com) to which afterward, Caribe-Total join (www.caribe-total.com), Argentina-Total (www.argentina-total.com) and Brasil-Total (www.brasil-total.com). Also we rely on a long experience in housing that it begins in the year, 2001 with one lodging in Brazil , nowadays we possess an apart-hotel in Florianópolis and are developing a new task of rural tourism in Mendoza . Our vision of business is determined by the conviction that beside exercising a commercial activity we fulfill an important social role, therefore we say that:

"We provide tourist services destined to satisfy so much the expectation of our clients as to contributing, with the strengthening of the intercultural relations in the destinations that we offer, in a frame of care and respect for the environment"

The principal destinations that we work, are Argentina , Brazil and Caribbean . In case of Brazil , we are specialists and realize a constant investment in training to increase our knowledge and to be modals in the local area. For such a motive all our agents possess a deep knowledge of the geography, culture, history and idiosyncrasy of the different destinations of Brazil . To achieve objective this plan, of training it includes the accomplishment of regular trips to Brazil , which allows us, beside training our agents, relieving in site the quality of the tourist operators with whom we work. During the last twelve months we have visited Florianópolis, Praia do Rose, Ferrugem, Camboriu, Bombinhas, Buzios, Rio of Janeiro, Angra dos Reis, Ilha Grande, Cabo Frio, Arraial do Cabo, Salvador, Praia do Forte, Fortaleza, Jericoacoara, Morro de São Paulo and in 2007 we were in Buzios, Rio of Janeiro, Recife, Porto Galinhas, Pipa, Natal, Maceió, Maragogi, Porto Seguro, Arraial d'Ajuda, São Paulo, Guarujá, Ilha Bela and Paraty.

Our web sites offer specific and relevant information to design and to plan a trip to Buzios, a varied offer of tourist packages and the possibility of assembling a trip to measure.

Contracting, your trip to Buzios with us, you obtain as benefit:

1) To obtain deep information of the destination that will allow you to take advantage to the maximum of your trip

2) To contract with the safety of to receive services checked in your level of attention and quality

3) To have an identical price to your expectations and budget that will guarantee the just price pays for the contracted services

4) To count with specialists to rely on the support of a travel agency in Brazil

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