Tartaruga is an inlet of moderate and calm waters. Obligatory stop of the ships in his, pleasure trips, relies on followers that, some of them prefer for his for attractive climate and others for his natural swimming pools replete with corals what they turn her in ideally to practice snorkel and diving.
In some areas of the beach rocky formations difficult the access to the water, nevertheless it is one very crowded beach, in spite of not having lodging nearby, since it is a zone protected from buildings. Alone there are varied gastronomic that offer good food and beach services are allowed in the place.
It is completely surrounded with the exuberant landscape that gives her, the virgin nature (Atlantic Mata). In his left wing a small path in the bush goes up to the Ponta das Shoe in the beginning of Beach Manguinhos, a rich coral formation that attracts the lovers of the snorkeling. In his left wing there is a small beach of multicolored stones.
It possesses 2 km from extension, Ribeiro Dantas is located to 600 mts of the principal street of the peninsula, zone where the lodging ones are located nearby and from this one to Rua's das Pedras they are approximately 500 mts.
It is very competed in the evening since his beautiful to get dark and the happy hour that bars offer his summons a numerous public.

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