Ossos was the place where there lived the former fishermen who gave origin to Buzios's village. His houses have been reformed by new settlers who came and were established there replacing the previous, nevertheless the place preserves the same captivation of long ago what produces a very picturesque landscape.
The name owes to the bones of whale found that come of the epoch in which these were exploited in Buzios.
In Ossos also there is located the Church of Sant'Anna, virgin mistress of the city and The Buzios's first religious construction which dates back of 1740, from the same one it is possible to contemplate one of best view, that Buzios offers. behind of the chapel the cemetery of the city is located. Somehow we can say that Ossos's major tourist value is given by his landscape and the air melancholy that transmits the place, nevertheless who want to take advantage of the beach they will find a calm and suitable sea for nothing or to practice snorkel, a beach with trees that give shade and an ideal place by the end by day with a nice late afternoon and to enjoy a bit more before coming back to the hotel

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