Joao Fernandes

Joao Fernandes is the beach of Buzios , more frequented by the tourists, fundamentally of Argentina and Chile . North-east of the peninsula is located in the top. It has form of semicircle and opposite to the same one located the Ilha Branca. It is very picturesque surrounded with a semicircle form, her, sand is clear, calm and transparent sea.

In the same one diverse activities and sports are practiced as banana - ski, kayaking, snorkel and baptisms of skin-diving. It possesses also the major concentration of bed&breakfast's of Buzios and count with an excellent and varied gastronomic offer. In the nights the activity in João Fernandes is not specially intense since the majority of the visitors on having been international tourists prefer moving to Buzios's downtown that is far to almost 2 km and is a very good option to be useful to do them giving a trek for the Orla Bardot that offers one of the night landscapes Buzios's best.

It is an advisable beach, for the infrastructure and the options of activity that offers, for every public: families, couples and youngsters.

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