Ferradura is the neighborhood more elegantly of Buzios and the most chic beach. Between, your habitual competing ones there is prominent figures of the politics and the cajolement of Rio of Janeiro. The surrounding neighborhood is residential and possesses luxurious mansions. His name comes from the form of horse-shoe of the beach, which turns into a great closed bay and protects her from winds and maritime currents for what it looks like a great natural swimming pool.
The nonexistence of waves turns her into an ideal beach for families with small children and his calm sea, is ideal to practice diverse nautical sports
The beach is very clean and possesses, excellent gastronomic infrastructure in his left side, where it is possible enjoy dishes on the basis of fished and fruits of sea. 1,5 km from extension has what allows to realize good treks or to be jogging on the beach.
His right, side is a bit a rural and desolate and the rocky ends, the semicircle, that border on it and an exuberant vegetation where cactus's intermingle and bromelias, they offer a spectacular landscape. It is located to little more than 1 km from Buzios's center and is an excellent alternative of housing, in high season for those who prefer tranquility, since by daytime always it offers places little frequented for those who look for tranquility and by night it allows to accede to downtown without the heavy traffic that suffer those who lodge at other Buzios's beaches.

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