Gastronomy & Night Life


Buzios possesses a wide and diverse gastronomic offer. His international restaurants are capable of satisfying, the palates more demanding. But also the one who looks for good food to good price has varied options, as for example the restaurants of food for “kilo”. These restaurants work with a system of self-service and have a varied menu of dishes of international food and typically Brazilian, and only it is paid what one consumes, that is to say for what is “weighed” from there his name. Also it is also panquequerias, hamburger shops, sandwich's, bars and pizzerias.
Being a beach city and with tradition of fishing, it turns out obvious to emphasize the excellent quality of fished and seafood that it is possible to find in the restaurants of the city.
The majority of the places are located in Rua das Pedras, in the Orla Bardot or in the rua Toribio Farias, besides the beach restaurants.

Vida Nocturna (Night Life)

The night of Buzios is undoubtedly one of the busy one of Brazil. The principal point of the blurred one, is the Rua das Pedras, which already it is great for itself it forms. This nice and picturesque street, it is pedestrian in his five blocks of extension. His name owes to that it is paved, but not with cobbles, but with stones. In it they are restaurants, some beach front, bars, where that generally offer live shows and where it is possible to savour caipirinhas and drinks, boutiques of prestigious brands, galleries of art, places of crafts and especially people, of diverse origins, walking across, distended and enjoying the agreeable marine climate that it covers the nights of Buzios. It is not exaggerated to say that surely Buzios would not be what is if not were for Rua das Pedras.
The night of Buzios is one of the longest one of Brazil, begins early and ends in the dawn. It is the walk forced after a beach day. To the beginning of the night his almost exclusive owned by families, but entered well the night the public changes and the young men and not so young, begin to take possession of the same one.
Rua das Pedras it is continued today in the Orla Bardot, which crosses the whole length of the playa (beach) Armação, and where years back they began to install bars, restaurants and discotheques. To walk along the same one, with the moon reflected in the sea it is one of the sensations more beautiful that you can experience in Buzios.

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